idec has a wealth of experience in the aviation sector. As such we offer clients a wide range of building solutions and services for both airport and off-airport sites across the country.


idec has considerable experience working with both public and private clients in the design and construction of aircraft hangars. To date, idec has  been built over 30 hangars across Australia, utilising our industry-leading Built Up Plate (BUP) technology which allows for extremely wide clear spans.


Air Navigation Towers

idec is an experienced tower builder and has the capability to design, fabricate and erect a turnkey air navigation tower. Our tower solutions for the aviation sector include:

  • Air Navigation Towers
  • Communication Towers
  • Radar Towers
  • Remote and Virtual (RVT) Air Control Towers



Idec offers a variety of building refurbishment solutions and upgrades to existing critical communication and power infrastructure sites.

Communication site upgrades

With experience as an Ergon Energy panel contractor, idec has the capability to undertake upgrade works to communication sites in any urban, rural, and remote locations. These works can include:

  • Earthworks and foundations
  • Installation of steel towers, concrete monopoles, equipment shelters, antennas and feeders, earthing grids and site fencing
  • Decommissioning and removal of redundant structures
  • Commissioning and testing of new equipment

Substation enclosures

idec’s offering for transformer enclosures at power substations extends beyond the typical structural steel solutions. A wide range of roof and walling solutions can be tailored to provide all-round weather protection whilst maintaining suitable ventilation for the equipment.




Idec’s experience undertaking construction in active Defence sites combined with our expertise in towers and large, clear span industrial buildings makes us the natural choice for Defence projects.


From our considerable civilian experience in the field of tower installations, idec has gained a well-developed, complete understanding of what it takes to erect towers safely and efficiently in a variety of locations and settings. This skillset means that idec is well-qualified to supply and install a range of functional towers for the Department of Defence including:

  • Radar towers
  • Air navigation towers
  • Communication towers
  • Climbing and rappelling towers

Functional buildings

idec has the capability of designing and constructing buildings varying in sizes, complexity, and functionality.

Our defence experience extends to the construction of:

  • Vehicle shelters
  • QStores
  • Workshops
  • Headquarters (HQ)
  • Base Command Posts (BCP)

This experience is complemented by our previous works constructing large industrial buildings including:

  • Warehouses
  • Hangars
  • Acoustic buildings



Specialising in custom engineered, steel framed industrial buildings and structures, idec can provide all or part of each project.

Our specialty is large buildings - whether it is wide clear span or high building requirements. idec prides ourselves in our industrial agility and are confident in our ability to design and construct every industrial project with up to 65m+ clear span.

Heavy industrial buildings

idec has a wealth of experience in designing and constructing large heavy industrial buildings. In recent years the company has delivered several large industrial buildings for  major road and infrastructure projects across the country including;  AirportLink, Legacy Way, WestConnex, Sydney Metro, Melbourne Metro, North-South Motorway and Cross River Rail.

Whether it is a long, wide and/or tall heavy industrial building that is required, idec has the experience that enables it to take a client’s ideas and concepts and make them a reality.



The design of a warehouse can directly affect the efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s operations, particularly where it involves the storage and distribution of materials. idec can design and construct a warehouse that exceed the client’s current business needs, futureproofing the space for potential later changes (and can be designed to incorporate office space). idec has experience in constructing warehouses from 1,000m2 right through to 10,000+m2.




Providing building solutions to Tier-1 contractors for major road and rail infrastructure projects is one of idec’s strengths. Our industrial building background and ‘one-stop shop’ capability (ability to adhere to all requirements of major projects) means idec is well placed to deliver support infrastructure for such projects. To date, we have provided building solutions for major infrastructure projects in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Casting yard Facilities

idec can design and construct industrial buildings of varying sizes and heights that will support the manufacture of precast concrete segments for road and rail projects. Where required, such buildings can be designed to support large overhead gantry cranes.


Miscellaneous Function Structures

A variety of other functional structures can be constructed by idec to support major infrastructure projects. These include:

  • Temporary buildings for a project’s construction phase such as spoil sheds and dive covers
  • Permanent structures for a project’s operational phase such as cut and cover steel for tunnel portals, water treatment buildings and equipment shelters



Due to our integrated one-stop-shop approach, idec is a partner of choice for local government in the design and construction of local infrastructure. idec has experience working with a number of urban and regional councils.


For councils looking to improve local walkability, connectedness and accessibility, idec provides a specialised bridge design and construction solution. Our experienced team will ensure that impacts to local communities and environmentally-sensitive areas are minimised through rigorous planning and control measures. idec offers:

  • Pedestrian and Cycle Bridges
  • Light Vehicle Bridges
  • Siteworks and Landscaping

Shade Structures

idec is able to design & construct shade structures which are architecturally pleasing and practical. idec has previously delivered:

  • Park Shelters
  • Sports Covers
  • Skate Park Shelters
  • Solar Shade Structures

Sporting Facilities

In addition to our shade structure solutions, idec can custom-engineer a variety of sporting facilities including:

  • Grandstands
  • Indoor Sport Centres
  • Multipurpose Halls
  • Lawn Bowls Structures



idec can provide a range of building solutions to the rail sector including both new and refurbishment works. All key idec staff and subcontractors are appropriately licensed to operate in a rail environment and have experience at undertaking construction activities during both:

  • Scheduled line closures
  • In a live rail environment when stations remain operational during construction works

Train station upgrades

For the upgrade of train stations within Queensland’s Citytrain network, idec offers a wide ranging building service including, but not limited to:

  • Fabrication and erection of steel structures including lift shafts, overpasses, staircases and platform awnings
  • Installation of cladding and rainwater systems
  • Installation of safety systems including security screens, handrail and balustrading

Railway bridge access upgrades

For upgrade projects to existing railway bridges, idec offers civil construction companies a supply and install service for steel and metal work items.

This can include:

  • Fabrication and erection of maintenance walkway structures
  • Installation of walkway decking, balustrades and other safety systems

Rail support facilities

idec can design and construct industrial buildings (eg. workshops) for a variety of rail support facilities including depots and maintenance facilities. This service extends to:

  • New buildings
  • Extensions to existing buildings


Protection from the elements while providing a year-round sporting and recreational facility is high on the agenda of many sporting, community and educational groups.

Sports Covers

idec is capable of providing sports covers for a range of sporting infrastructure including bowling clubs, swimming pools and equestrian centres. Each cover is custom designed to accommodate the client’s individual requirements in terms of functionality, aesthetics and maintenance.

The addition of a sport cover can provide a venue with protection from the elements, with the potential for flow-on effects including improved user appeal and levels of patronage.


Multi-purpose halls

The development of all-weather, multi-purpose halls can provide schools and organisations with buildings capable of use all year round. idec has experience in constructing multi-purpose halls at locations across Queensland and can work with clients to design a building that meets their needs and budget.



idec has a long history of expertise in the mining, oil, and gas industries.

In recent times, idec has been active in the construction of camp buildings at the downstream end of Curtis Island for all three LNG producers (APLNG, GLNG and QCLNG).


idec can design and construct maintenance workshops of varying sizes and heights to accommodate for a client's functional requirements.

This includes constructing workshops that permit large mine trucks to be serviced whilst undercover.


Camp Buildings

idec has considerable experience in designing and constructing buildings for workers’ camps and construction sites for resources and mining projects.

As such, idec is capable of providing clients with a variety of camps buildings including:

  • Site operations buildings such as construction, fabrication, equipment, maintenance and storage facilities.
  • Support service buildings such as Locker rooms and Laundries.
  • Recreation buildings such as Beer Gardens, Gyms and Pavilions.

Pipe racks and supports

A variety of pipe racks and stands can be developed by idec to support pipework at a mine or resources site. Such pipe racks and supports are typically fabricated and preassembled in our Brisbane factory and transported to site. For larger units, items can be developed as modules for final assembly by idec on site.



idec is an industry leader in the design, fabrication and construction of Acoustic Solutions across a range of sectors including major infrastructure, mining and resources. In recent times, idec has delivered acoustic buildings for numerous projects including Cross River Rail, Sydney Metro, Melbourne Metro, Westgate Tunnel, WestConnex, Clem7 Tunnel and AirportLink.

Temporary Acoustic Sheds

idec provides acoustic building solutions that enable 24-hour operations on major projects, minimising noise risk and assisting contractors in maintaining a positive public profile during construction.

Through extensive research and testing, idec has developed a number of acoustic solutions that have been laboratory tested by independent NATA accredited acoustic consultants

idec has developed a number of acoustic systems that have been laboratory tested by an independent NATA accredited acoustic consultancy firm.


Specialised Design

Public opinion of a construction site remains paramount and idec has become proficient at reigning in the noise of all types of structures; idec believes that this specialisation provides a particularly great advantage for construction in urban areas.


idec can design acoustic solutions that minimise both the visual and environmental impact on surrounding areas. Our range of acoustic solutions includes both traditional clad and concrete facade options.


Acoustic Enclosures

idec offers a range of acoustic enclosures for mine, oil and gas, major infrastructure and commercial sites. These include enclosures for mechanical plant, engines/motors, pumps and equipment.