As industry leaders in design, fabrication and construction, the entire idec team uphold our core values of Ethical Standards, Respect, Quality, Trust & Loyalty, Commitment & Passion and Teamwork. In addition to this, the following are at the core of everything we do here at idec Solutions.



ISO 45001 accredited – Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. "We have a constructed a culture in idec which recognises the fact that there is no task that is so important or urgent that it releases the company, its managers, employees or sub-contractors from the responsibility to ensure a healthy and safe work environment." Glenn Gibson - Chief Executive Officer


We pride ourselves on having the ability to deliver first class products with our Quality Management System (QMS), which has been accredited to ISO9001. idec is always looking for ways to increase the quality of our builds and products, and are proud that this reflects in everything we do.


idec is committed to being an enthusiastic part of the community and has a strong focus on activities and values that are not only community conscious, but strengthen the social fabric. Contributing initiatives towards building a community is always promoted at idec. Staff are supported in a wide variety of channels in order to further encourage a lifestyle that is balanced and charitable to others.


Through the implementation of our Environmental Management System (EMS) – ISO 14001 Accredited – idec encompasses environmental policies to design, plan and build towards a more environmental friendly future. Sustainability plays an essential role in every process here at idec, and our Platinum membership to the ASI Environment Sustainability Charter strongly reflects this as an industry leader.

Our Priorities

idec has spared no expenses to ensure that the workplace is supportive and safe. Coupled with a focus on quality and professionalism, we have gone to great lengths to create a community-centric workplace.

We are always vigilant and actively seeking alternatives that better the environment, and value the integrity to produce high quality work.