Ergon Energy- Communication Site Upgrades

PCP 90 Contractor Panel- Communication Site Upgrades- Ubinet and P25 Networks

Communications infrastructure construction services on a variety of sites all over Queensland. These sites were often characterised by their; high risk, remoteness and access challenges.

Works Included:

  • Bulk earthworks and site preparation
  • Foundation construction including raft slabs, piers & screw piles
  • Vertical Infrastructure Erection including lattice towers and monopoles
  • Equipment shelter installation
  • Building services installation including Conduits, earthing, AC power and DC generator/ Solar Hybrid installation
  • Site works and fencing
  • Roadworks
  • Demolition of redundant structures

Vertical Infrastructure - Panoramic View (small)

  • CLIENT idec
  • YEAR 2011- 2016
  • WE DID Concrete foundations, tower erection,equipment shelters, building services, demolition
  • PARTNERS Various locations, QLD
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