Cross River Rail – Albert Street Acoustic Shed

As part of the largest ever public infrastructure project in Queensland, idec designed, fabricated and constructed the Albert Street acoustic shed. This building utilised industry-leading modular construction technology to fast-track onsite time. The 18m high, 1800m² building was completed in just 10 weeks – ensuring tunnelling works below remained uninterrupted. The building reduces noise by up to 57 decibels, minimising the impact of construction on local residents, workers and visitors.

Modular Construction:

The acoustic shed is one of the first in Australia to utilise a full-modular construction system comprising both precast concrete wall and prefabricated roof panels. As a result of ongoing research and innovation by idec, the onsite crew effectively completed the building as they went – saving time and enclosing the shaft much quicker than traditional construction methods.

Albert Street at a glance:

  • 175t of Australian structural steel
  • 183 precast Concrete Panels
  • 124 prefabricated roof panels
  • 808 crane lifts in 49 days.
  • YEAR 2020
  • WE DID Design, Engineering, Fabrication, Steel Erection, Precast Installation, Roofing, Electrical & Plumbing
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